Lullabies chilenos

Una canción de cuna es una canción suave, generalmente cantado a los niños pequeños antes de ir a dormir, con la intención de acelerar ese proceso. Como resultado, son a menudo simples y repetitivas. Canciones de cuna se puede encontrar en todas las culturas y desde la época antigua.
los maderos
de San Juan,
piden pan,
no les dan
piden queso
les dan hueso
piden vino
si les dan
se marean
y se van


The woodsmen
Of San Juan
Ask for bread,
They're given none,
Ask for cheese,
hey're given a bone,
Ask for wine,
If it's given,
They get dizzy
And they go.
Little white horse,
Take me away.
Take me to the town,
Where I was born.

I have, I have, I have,
You have nothing.
I have three sheep,
In a cabin.

One gives me milk,
Another gives me wool,
And another, butter,
A whole week's worth.

Get up, Joan,
And set fire to the candle,
Go see who's walking
On the headboard.

It's the little angels
Who go running
Looking for milk
For the bottle.
Corre el anillo
Por un portillo
Pasó un chiquillo
Comiendo huesillo*
A todos les dio
Menos a mí

Eche prenda señorita
¿Quién lo tiene
De usted?


Run the ring
By an opening.
A child appeared
Eating "huesillo"*
He gave all the children some
Except me

Leave a cloth
Miss or man
Who has got it?
Which one of you?