العربية تهليل

I hope reema fall asleep
I hope she falls asleep
I hope she loves to pray
I hope she likes to fast
I hope she is well

Day after day
I hope she sleeps, I hope she sleeps
I'll slay a dove for her
O dove go don't you believe
I'm teasing Reema so she'll sleep
Reema Reema the pretty one
Your hair is blonde and neat
The one who loves you will kiss you
The one who hates you will be beat

Oh grape and fruit seller
Tell my mom
And tell my dad
The Gypsies snatched me
From under the Majdalieh tent
Let's go out for fun
Where the peach tree is under the apricot tree
Every time the wind blows
I'll pick an apricot for Reema
Hey, Hey, Hey Leena
Give us a hand with your kettle and bowl
To wash the clothes of Reema
And dry them on the Jasmine tree